Temporarily CLOSED until April 16, 2020!

Military, Fire Fighter, ems, police, and teachers $22 per person! Must have ID.

Undercover Agents


The FBI needs your help!!  We need a few brave, smart people to volunteer to  go undercover to help catch an evil doctor that has been performing experiments on animals and humans!


You will have 1 hour to search the doctor's office to see if you can find his hidden lab and obtain evidence of his experiments before he returns!  If you are caught, the FBI will deny any involvement and you will either end up in prison or even worse, become one of his experiments yourself!!


Do you think you have what it takes to follow the clues left behind for you by other agents to stop this evil doctor?  If the answer is yes, then you are exactly what the FBI is looking for!  So sign up today and show us what you've got!




Room holds 6 people

Paranormal Investigators


 You have joined a paranormal research group to investigate the old Miller House by the lake!  Your mission is to enter the house, try to capture paranormal activity and collect some haunted items that the Parnormal Society would like to study!


 Upon entering the house, things go terribly wrong!  You all find yourselves trapped inside of the house!  You must all work together to find a way out!  To make matters worse, you only have 1 hour before the clock strikes midnight!


Midnight is said to be the witching hour!  If your group does not get out before then, the ghost will trap you  there forever!  Do you think your group can work together to escape the haunted house?  If the answer is yes, sign up today!  




Room holds  8 people

(Wheelchair accessible)

Please note the Paranormal Room is not scary nor is it satanic in nature. it may be creepy for some

The haunted room is set up to look like an old house.  Our goal is to give you the feeling of being in a haunted house, but no one will ever jump out at you.  It will only be your group in the room, no one else.  There will be clowns and dolls in the room that give it a creepy vibe, but that is all.  You will not be doing any kind of rituals.  You will simply be trying to figure out puzzles.  If you would like to take a look at the room before you book, please let us know and we can arrange that.  Keep in mind, we have had children as young as 6 years old in the room and they have had a blast.  Just take a look at our reviews and pictures!  :)

Coming Soon! Egyptian Tomb!

Coming Soon!!

Tomb Raiders

Please note that we are working hard to complete this room.  It is taking us longer than we thought it would.  Please bare with us for a little  longer.  We are just as excited to bring you this room as you are to do it!  :) We will post on here and Facebook as soon as it is ready so keep checking back!   Thank you all so much!    :)